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“Never judge a person on paper, they are so much more than a CV”….. LinkedIn comment goes viral with over a million views

Written by: Jo Richardson
Published on: 5 Jun 2017

A Nottingham based recruitment consultant struck a chord with a million people in the last 2 weeks with a LinkedIn post that has gone viral.

Jo Richardson, Director of Winhurst Recruitment, a UK-wide specialist FMCG recruiter based in Nottingham, posted on LinkedIn of her delight when one of her candidates was successful in achieving their dream job. In the space of just one week the post has generated 11,671 likes and 538 comments and has now been viewed by over a million people worldwide!

Her post, which read “Today a candidate of mine got offered her dream job. When I first looked at her CV I very nearly didn't call her as her background didn't match what my client wanted. Within 30 seconds of talking to her, I knew her personality, drive & ambition were an exact match for my client. This is why I love my job. NEVER judge a person on paper, they are so much more than a CV” generated a wave of positive feedback from countries as far afield as America, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

“Well said Jo. You are absolutely right. Hope other recruiters follow you in this regard to hire the right people.”

“Amen & God Bless You Jo Richardson! If you give that person on paper the opportunity to express themselves you might be surprised by their personality and character!”

“Could not agree more and I have experienced this so many times. Paper is paper and behind that paper a person. For me the spirit of the person is what counts more than anything. It’s that extra something you find in a candidate that just blows you away but it can never be written. It is times like this our job is a pure joy.”

Jo has been overwhelmed by the response to her message since she posted it on social media on 15th May 2017. She says:

“When one of my candidates gets offered a job I am just as excited as they are and I think my passion and enthusiasm for my job showed in my words. The post seems to have resonated with both job seekers and recruiters alike, perhaps because it reflects some of the frustration that candidates may experience in getting past the CV stage of the recruitment process, as well as the challenge that professional recruiters face in seeing the person behind the CV. Or maybe it’s just nice to see something positive in the rather negative world we live in at the moment? Being a great recruiter is all about understanding your clients and candidates, and building effective relationships with them. You need to listen, ask lots of questions and manage expectations by being honest. Maybe my post has helped to make both the industry and the process a little more ‘human’ at a time when digitisation and automation has made recruitment rather faceless.” 

Jo would like to encourage more applicants to be both professional and personable when applying for roles, and to let their personality shine through. She believes that both candidates and clients need to trust their recruiter and to view the recruitment process as a partnership. Researching both the role and the company that you are being put forward for is key, as well as finding out about the people who are interviewing you. She recommends asking a lot of relevant questions, and the passion for what you do will shine through. Jo’s top tips for anyone looking for a job are:

  1. Spend time on your CV before you start applying for jobs. You may be brilliant at what they do in your day but you are not expected to be brilliant at writing your own CV. Don’t be afraid to seek advice & guidance if you need to.
  2. Be fully committed to the process of finding a new job, it's time consuming and can be exhausting but it is worth it. A good recruiter will help you every step of the way, including preparation for the interview / interviews. I've been known to stand in an M&S taking photographs of a fixture to send to a candidate for help with a presentation they had to do! Work with someone who in return is committed to you & your search.
  3. Be selective and apply for jobs that are either relevant to you or a job that you genuinely feel you can do.
  4. And finally, but most importantly, be honest and be yourself.

For this and more great advice about securing your dream job visit or read Jo’s blogs 

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