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Should I use a CV writing service?

Published on: 14 Feb 2013

With over 500,000 people and around 13% of the UK manufacturing workforce employed within food and drink, the competition for jobs is incredibly tough. Once upon a time many jobs were filled with barely a CV changing hands. Nowadays the effectiveness of your CV will simply be the biggest determining factor in how successful you are in getting interviews.

Most employers and recruiters will spend less than 30 seconds reading a CV. All those long hours spent carefully crafting your CV will come to nothing if it does not immediately engage the reader. It has got to have impact. It has got to show relevance. Most of all it has got the leave the reader wanting to find out more.

So what are the benefits of a CV writing service?

Well firstly, looks count. A professional CV writing service will ensure your CV is presented in a polished and professional format. It will be error free and inform the reader in a concise and compelling fashion why you will make an ideal candidate.

A professional CV writer will offer an objective view on how best to position your expertise. A CV writer can help determine what to include and what to leave out. How best to present your achievements and showcase your skills in the most persuasive way. They can help trim information that is not important so that your CV only includes relevant information for the types of job you are applying for.

A professional CV writing service will also save you time and money. You can spend weeks, even months fine tuning A CV. And even then it may be doing you a disservice. So why delay your job search when a professional CV writer can produce a CV in a matter of days that will allow your accomplishments to truly sparkle?

Investing in a professionally written CV is investing in your future. You are an expert in your role. Likewise professional CV writers are seasoned wordsmiths who know how to create a CV that is original, compelling and will get you results. They won’t judge you and will provide a shining light on the uncertain pathway that is finding your next job.

Need help with your CV?

If you’d like help with your CV then FoodManJobs have teamed up with leading CV writing specialists CV Writers who provide a professional CV writing service.