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  • regulatory recruitment

    Keen to comply: the rise in regulatory recruitment

    • 14 Aug 2019

    Demand for skilled regulatory compliance employees is at an all-time high.

  • Salary Survey

    How do salaries and perks in the industry measure up?

    • 30 May 2019
    • Rod Addy

    Check how your wages compare with those of your peers and get the lowdown on some of the most popular perks offered by employers.

  • Cover Letter

    Covering letters: be concise, committed and careful to check!

    • 12 Dec 2017
    • Joanna Jacobs

    When it comes to writing a covering letter, the question you are answering is ‘why should the recruiter hire me’?

  • Providing evidence of your skills & abilities

    • 12 Dec 2017

    It’s only really when you start to look at the whole process of recruitment from the perspective of the employer that you realise that a list of skills and abilities tells you very little.

  • Know your stuff, be engaged and shine at your job interview

    • 11 Dec 2017

    Demonstrate your curiosity, breadth of thinking and desire to work for the company by asking thoughtful, open questions.

  • Avoiding interview hell

    • 11 Dec 2017

    It’s been going pretty well until the interviewer looks you squarely in the eye and says: “Tell me a story.” Beads of sweat suddenly appear on your forehead and your collar starts to feel too tight. The easiest way to avoid the interview descending into a farce is to be prepared. Tough questions will always come up, so you need to have a strategy to deal with them. To help you, here are some tips on how to claw your way back from the brink.

  • What Food Hygiene Qualifications do I need to work in the food industry?

    • 11 Dec 2017
    • Lorraine Mullaney

    Want to work for top food and drink brands like Mars, Nestlé and Coca-Cola? You’re in the right place. But let’s get one thing straight: you may have the drive and passion you need to make it in this fast-moving industry but, without a food hygiene qualification, you won’t get your foot in the factory door.

  • Jo Richardson

    “Never judge a person on paper, they are so much more than a CV”….. LinkedIn comment goes viral with over a million views

    • 5 Jun 2017
    • Jo Richardson

    A Nottingham based recruitment consultant struck a chord with a million people in the last 2 weeks with a LinkedIn post that has gone viral.

  • A passion for science

    • 2 May 2014
    • Lorraine Mullaney, Sub Editor at

    A passion for science and an innovative mind-set are the most important quality you need to learn how to do the technically complex work at Reading Science Centre, says trainee food scientist Ethan Harris

  • A Day in the life of a Bakkavor technical apprentice

    • 2 Apr 2014
    • Lorraine Mullaney, Sub Editor at

    The fast pace of the food industry was a “massive shock” for Evie Goodliffe when she started her technical apprenticeship at Bakkavor’s Holbeach site, which makes pizzas for the retailers

  • A Day in the life of a laboratory manager at Mondelēz

    • 17 Mar 2014
    • Lorraine Mullaney, Sub Editor at

    Working with “the weird and the wonderful” is one reason why Calum McOmish, laboratory manager at Mondelēz International Reading Science Centre hasn’t looked back since choosing a career in the food industry. He shares a day in his life with FoodManJobs.

  • Thom Joseph, creative chef

    A day in the life of a creative chef

    • 27 Feb 2014
    • Lorraine Mullaney, Sub Editor at

    You don’t need formal training to get ahead in the food business, says Thom Joseph, creative chef at London bakery Cocomaya, which makes premium cakes for the likes of Harrods and Fortnum & Mason

  • Girls’ day out: Mondelēz set Silverdale students a

    The female of the engineering species

    • 5 Feb 2014
    • Lorraine Mullaney, Sub Editor at

    In a bid to encourage more female students to study engineering and become inspired to choose careers in the food industry, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) will be taking school girls on a series of food factory visits this year.

  • JobCentre Plus will offer free advice.

    15,000 free training places for young employed people this month

    • 4 Sep 2013
    • Lorraine Mullaney, Sub Editor at

    Food manufacturers are offering free training to 15,000 young unemployed people in 1,200 locations across the UK this month.

  • Jennifer Clarke, NPD Manager at Bakkavör

    A Day in the life of an NPD manager

    • 3 Sep 2013
    • Lorraine Mullaney, Sub Editor at

    Demanding, evolving, delicious. That’s how new product development manager Jennifer Clarke describes working at Cucina Sano, part of the Bakkavör group. She shares a day in her life with FoodManJobs.

  • BBC Apprentice - Nick Holzherr

    BBC TV’s Apprentice starts his own apprenticeship scheme

    • 1 Aug 2013
    • Lorraine Mullaney, Sub Editor at

    He made it to the final four in last year’s BBC TV series The Apprentice, now Nick Holzherr is now running his own apprenticeship scheme at his food-related business Whisk. He shares the benefits with FoodManJobs.

  • Fiona Dawson, president of Mars Chocolate UK

    'Mum said I’d never stay at Mars'

    • 12 Jul 2013
    • Lorraine Mullaney

    In 1988 Fiona Dawson left Trinity College Dublin and joined Mars’ graduate trainee programme. Her mum said she wouldn’t stick it out but now she’s the president of Mars Chocolate UK. So what tips for success can this high-achieving woman offer young people who are starting a career in the food industry? She shares her advice exclusively with FoodManJobs.

  • Should I use a CV writing service?

    • 14 Feb 2013

    With over 500,000 people and around 13% of the UK manufacturing workforce employed within food and drink, the competition for jobs is incredibly tough.

  • Sheffield Hallam to offer first food and drink engineering degree

    • 10 Jul 2012

    Top marks in the search to find a college to offer the nation’s first dedicated food and drink engineering degree have gone to Sheffield Hallam University. The university was selected to produce world-class engineers, said the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), which made the announcement today (July 7) in partnership with the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink (NSAFD).

  • Creating rapport in an interview

    Creating rapport in an interview

    • 25 Jan 2011

    Rapport is the connection between two people; the spoken and unspoken words that say ‘we are on the same page’. In an interview situation you can employ numerous techniques to maximize the rapport between yourself and your interviewer.