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Florette UK & Ireland Ltd

About Us

Florette is one of three UK food manufacturing factories owned by the French co-operative group, Agrial. Agrial has operations across 18 regions, with 280 farming outlets and 5 different divisions, which comprise Beverage, Dairy, Meat, Fresh Produce & Agricultural operations; it’s not just about lettuce! As well as the 3 factories we also have a farming operation – Agrial Fresh Farms. All UK sites operate under the name of Agrial Fresh Produce Limited and fall under Agrial's vegetable division.

The business is more recognisable in the UK by its Florette salad brand and we are now one of the UK’s leading producers in the industry. Under the Florette brand, our site processes and distributes pre-packed, ready to eat fresh salad bags to well-known retailers in the UK. We have a recipe for success through our EPIC values and working together as one team.

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