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allplants Ltd

Founded by brothers Jonathan and Alex Petrides in 2017, allplants makes plant-based living exciting and easy, delivering mouthwatering, healthier food to busy homes UK-wide. The science is irrefutable. Eating more plants is the #1 way to help yourself and our planet thrive. That’s why, at allplants we’ve started by making eating more plants a supremely positive and exciting choice: a fiesta of flavour, not a fast.

We are the leading specialist plant-based kitchen in the UK making exclusively vegan sauces (including italian ragus / bechamel / carbonara, curries like tofu tikka masala, stews like beet bourguignon / tagine / chilli / ratatouille) as well as our own brand allplants of award-winning ready-made meals that celebrate plants in all their flavour (7M frozen meals served UK-wide to our +350K community of allplanters!). We make all of our own food from scratch in London at our 40,000sqft site - UK's largest specialist plant-based production kitchen - where we obsess over making quality natural delicious food to inspire the planet to eat more plants.

We are now working with a select set of top Retail and Brand partners to help them meet the rising consumer demand for premium (gourmet & natural) frozen products from our kitchen. I've also attached a mini intro deck as background for you too in case of interest.

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