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About Simon Howie Foods


Simon Howie the Scottish Butcher is one of Scotlands largest and best-known producers of high-quality food products.  From our humble beginnings, the company has grown to encompass two famous butchers shops and a factory that provides our much-loved products to supermarkets throughout the UK.  Our 120 staff are passionate about the food we produce and we work to the most stringent of industry and quality standards.


We have come a long way since setting up shop in Dunning, Perthshire, Scotland in 1986. From humble beginnings, to becoming the 4th fastest-growing Scottish brand (Kantar Brand Footprint 2020), our story has been one of steady growth fuelled by our passion for producing the highest quality products and our customers’ appreciation of what we put on their plates.


Simon founded the butchery business in 1986 in the village of Dunning where the business still resides today. The Howie family have been farming locally for the past 100 years which provided a terrific platform on which to set up the meat business. Simon trained as a butcher in Perth before starting his own small shop in Dunning. He went on to open three more shops then the factory in Dunning following the purchase of Findony Farm in 1994.  Simon is a butcher at heart and the love of the meat trade and the people involved makes him passionate about moving the business forward. Seeing products that have been prepared and packed in Dunning sell to happy customers throughout the UK gives him real satisfaction. Ultimately great businesses come down to having great people and Simon is quick to credit his team, many of whom have been with him for over twenty years or more, acknowledging “they are the backbone of our business”.


At Simon Howie Foods we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards in the industry and only work with farmers that share our values. Farming practices and taste are intrinsically linked, so we demand our suppliers meet the highest animal welfare standards and rear superb animals.

In addition, we invest in our infrastructure, equipment and people. We recognise that each employee has a responsibility to ensure that the quality of products or services under their control meet our required standards at all times.

Whether it is a prime cut of beef bought from your local Simon Howie Butcher, a Simon Howie product bought from the supermarket or a Simon Howie steak eaten at a high-end restaurant, we guarantee the highest quality of meat that has been carefully prepared by our team of award-winning chefs and butchers.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and are delighted our customers agree.

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