Concept Development Chef, Greater Manchester

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£30000 - £35000 per annum + Bonus
25 Sep 2017
23 Oct 2017
Frank Lomas
Business Sector
Food Manufacturing
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As a Development Chef you have to know your concept and how it can work for the targeted customer demographic. This role demands that insight...

Most Chefs consider a move into New Product Development as a route out of the traditional (out-dated) Chef hours in hot pressurised restaurant kitchens for little reward. Taking their years of experience, culinary flair and creativity into a new career path so that they can enjoy life outside of work, whilst still working with new ingredients and food trends. This opportunity may be the chance you've been thinking about, but didn't realise you could have!

Making the move into a New Product Development Kitchen is tough; it's highly competitive and often there is a lot of 'unknowns' when it comes to using your Chef qualities in a new sector. The challenge for many Chefs coming out of restaurants is how to put their ideas across to customers that don't always understand the origins. The provenance of food and the heritage of certain dishes can often be lost on the diner. It's not that different to the automotive world; we don't need to fully understand the engineering of our cars to appreciate their quality and performance - but it certainly helps.

This role requires you to put your culinary skill to the test every day. It's not about working a busy service delivering hundreds of covers, but more adapting concepts and realising how a food concept works in a new or unique context. Can you consider the customer profile in a new market (either retail or foodservice) and translate food trends (not fads!) into commercial products? Will your concepts become a reality as either part of a bigger brand or a food license? Can you comfortably present an idea to a room full of food experts covering marketing, supply-chain, procurement and production, knowing you are the best cook in the room, but with a minority vote?

We're looking for a Chef with real quality when it comes to ideation, and creativity. These are not just buzzwords... the way you incorporate a certain flavouring or spice or marinade into a dish is not just about its flavour profile, but how it meets the brief and how it shapes an idea to become a new trend in that category. Be it Tex-Mex, Mediterranean, Pan Asian, Dude Food, Indian subcontinent or simply Food On The Move, your ideas will be the stepping stones for a product range that enjoys collaborations with popular eateries, supermarkets and food celebrities. WORLD DOMINATION! has to start somewhere right?!

Aside from the need to be able to cook well, with a career history illustrating variety and contrast in the cuisines you have mastered, we also want you to be a self-starter who is in control of their career and destiny. So in that case, you know what to do next - Apply now!

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